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Welcome to our web-store.  

Here you will find our 10oz lotion candles, themed lotion candles, lotion wax melts, wood bured divination boxes, gemstone roller oils, organic dried herbs/seeds/salts/resins, photography, and stationary. 

If you would like to special order: pillar (3x3 and 3x5), votives, or custome blended scents or box designs, please contact us!

Processing time for orders is 3-5 days depending on in stock inventory. If it will take longer, we will message you.  Please keep in mind that when the tempatures are extreme, some melting will happen.  I cannot control or stop this, please be advised that it should not effect the usefulness of the products.

Shipping and Handling is rated for USPS Priority box or envelope which includes tracking and insurance.  

*For our international customers: once your package leaves our local Post Office, we cannot track it (we only have the customs form number), but have been advised it take 7-20 business days depending on shipping destination and customs.


All Lotion Candles Organic Dried Herbs/Salts/Seeds/Resins Gemstone Roller Oils Fizzy Bath Dust Wood Burned Divination Boxes Stationary Photography
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